Digital Proofing Resolved

AbsoluteProof® is a Mac OS X based digital proofing solution that turns your inkjet printer into a cost effective contract proofing system. The built-in Intelligent Multicolor Engine® expands the printer’s color capabilities using standard ICC profiles to achieve accurate color match for CMYK, spot colors, & HIFI workflows. AbsoluteProof can print to multiple devices at multiple locations, and can match to both certified standards like G7 GRACOL, SWOP, FOGRA, and custom press profiles in CMYK LAB or RGB mode. Click here to read more about the features.

There are a few versions of AbsoluteProof in order to make AbsoluteProof more acceptable to any printer regardless of the scale of their business. For a printer who has only a small digital or postscript printer, the price can be as low as $100 per month (after the trial period). When choosing to continue with AbsoluteProof, there are 3 options, each one will allow a different set of printers to work, which you will select based on which printers you will be using. All features are enabled, and there are no other restrictions. This allows us to keep the cost of AbsoluteProof closer to the running consumable costs of your current proofing devices. The trial version of AbsoluteProof has all proofing devices enabled and is normally priced at $200 per month.

After the free guided installation, and training, we are offering ongoing upgrades of AbsoluteProof. Plus open access to online color consultants and industry specialist technicians to assist solving any and all related color problems. All this is for a low monthly payment of $100, $150, or $200, and after your 30 day free trial, and only if you are 100% satisfied.

Signing up on our website will automatically e-mail you the details to begin your 30 day free trial. After which, if you choose to continue, your license is updated automatically upon successful online payment via PayPal, and there are no other fees or charges. All versions of AbsoluteProof including the 30 day trial, offer free ongoing upgrades, and online screen sharing for technical support.  Click here to sign up. Click here to learn about our technical support.

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