Gimlé announces the launch of AbsoluteProof Live. The world’s first subscription based digital proofing solution.

Christchurch, New Zealand, August 7, 2008: Gimlé, developers of AbsoluteProof® digital inkjet proofing software, today announce the launch of AbsoluteProof Live, the world's first subscription proofing system.

AbsoluteProof has set the benchmark for quality in digital inkjet proofing for over 8 years. It is designed to meet any of the demanding color proofing requirements in any sector of the printing and packaging industries. It stands out with its ability to deal with the most demanding tasks in the packaging sector, proofing to standards such as SWOP, Gracol, Fogra and 3DAP but more importantly YOUR press. It was the world’s first digital inkjet proofing for HiFi color workflows such as Hexachrome and matches over 93% of the Pantone Color library.

The release today of AbsoluteProof Live will radically improve proofing across the printing industry and make high end proofing affordable to any sector of the market. The world’s first subscription based model, AbsoluteProof Live provides the benchmark quality of AbsoluteProof, while being extremely cost effective and fully flexible to meet the individual needs of any user. Amongst the extensive feature set is the ability to drive any supported printer, to generate Halftone Proofs, proof verification, Remote Proofing and perform backed-up proofing.

AbsoluteProof Live is optimized for the INTEL Mac and OSX, it ships with the latest Pantone libraries and Colorport from Xrite provides support for all the latest measuring devices. Also with the release of the Epson Stylus™ Pro 7900/9900, a wider color gamut can be achieved with the new Epson UltraChrome™ HDR ink to replicate Pantone colors. This will bring a new standard to print and proofing up to 44” wide.

AbsoluteProof technology integrates easily into existing pre-press, print and packaging workflows and enables printers to proof difficult color jobs with ease. The cost benefit when comparing traditional analog proofs to AbsoluteProofs can be well over 60% savings in turnaround time, not to mention materials and labor. When you consider that high quality halftone and remote proofing capabilities are included in the subscription price, AbsoluteProof delivers exceptional quality and value proofing to any print company regardless of scale.

There are many advantages of using software as a service rather than purchasing it outright. AbsoluteProof Live has a low monthly cost which is tax deductable, with ongoing live support, online installation, access to leading color consultants, no software restrictions, continual upgrades free of charge, online training video library, and importantly, user feedback as a valued input for future development.

AbsoluteProof Live is a revolutionary step in proofing software, offering the most advanced proofing system in the industry. With the ability to customize the solution regardless of the client’s size or sector, every printing business will gain huge quality, performance and value for an extremely low monthly cost.

“We believe that AbsoluteProof Live will radically improve digital proofing performance across the printing industry and become an invaluable tool to individual print professionals industry wide.” said Hugo Kristinsson, CEO of Gimlé.

About Gimlé Ltd. / AbsoluteProof: AbsoluteProof is a Mac OS X based digital proofing solution that turns your inkjet printer into a cost effective contract proofing system. The built-in Intelligent Multicolor Engine® expands the printer’s color capabilities using standard ICC profiles to achieve accurate color match for CMYK, spot colors, & HIFI workflows (with AbsoluteProof Extrachrome®). The subscription price includes all components for digital halftone color and remote proofing driving multiple output devices. Gimlé Ltd., is the developer of AbsoluteProof digital proofing solutions for the printing industry. The Gimlé team is made up of professionals with over 40 years experience in the pre-press and printing industry whose knowledge, experience, and partnerships deliver the highest quality contract proofing for a very affordable price.

Availability? AbsoluteProof Live Subscription is available through our website.

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